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Work process determines quality.

Mantis Care Solutions provides an electronic risk management tool, used in skilled nursing facilities, to highlight risk identification, educate users, and prompt timely and appropriate documentation. Mantis Care will assist your team in transitioning to the new QAPI requirements through this simple system, that educates users on regulatory compliance, as they build the analytical data for automated reporting. Team analysis is supported by multiple reports, sorting, and filtering capability that enhance decision making in the performance improvement planning process.

The Mantis Care Design Supports

A culture seeking input from all Stakeholders

An ongoing comprehensive program that includes all departments

Staff and customer interviews

Automated analysis/reports driven by quantitative data.

Performance important projects driven by systematic data collection


Mantis Care is a skilled nursing QAPI that allows for single or multiple users. Automated prompts throughout the system on a daily basis improve resident outcomes and provide reporting and analysis to support performance improvement and quality outcomes.

01. Know risk immediately

02. Decreases dependence on individual talent for results

03. Increased accuracy in QAPI data collection

04. Educates all users on regulatory guidelines

05. Stability during times of turnover in key leadership

06. Routine updates

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